Edelia “Dr. Jay” Carthan believes that the only platform that matters is the platform of the people. As a resident of District 71 who has been involved in civil rights, education, women's rights and more, she has kept her finger on the pulse of the district to make sure that she never loses sight of the issues that matter to her fellow Mississippians. On August 6, vote for the Voice of the People. Vote for Dr. Edelia J. Carthan.


Dr. Carthan is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Education, Supervision, and Instruction at the historic Tougaloo College. As an educator, it's important to her that Mississippi students have access to the best education available in the United States. 


Dr. Carthan supports the full funding of Mississippi public schools, and she pledges to push for a modernization of our current learning tools. She agrees that teachers deserve a pay raise, and she also understands the need to restructure the current educational process in Mississippi so that we can build a schooling experience that parents, teachers and students can be proud of.


Dr. Carthan believes in the fundamental right of every Mississippian to have access to comprehensive, quality healthcare. She is a strong proponent for preventative care: the prevention and management of disease, the reduction of disabilities and premature deaths, and the achievement of health equity for every citizen in District 71 and Mississippians across the state.



"We live in the richest nation in the world. It's time to look at what we're doing wrong."

—Dr. Carthan


Dr. Carthan supports the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion, and she seeks to help those who are caught in "the gap": citizens who can't afford ACA coverage, but earn too much to qualify for Medicaid. She wants to find a way to help these forgotten citizens so that everyone has a chance at living a healthy life.

Women's Rights

Dr. Carthan has long fought for women's rights. She has been on the frontline of the struggle for women to receive equal pay, and she has also fought for women to have the right to choose: No man should be entrusted with the decision of what women should do with their bodies. 

This is a very important time for our nation, as Roe vs. Wade is currently being challenged at the Supreme Court level. In the last legislative session, Mississippi legislators passed a law that will make abortion retroactive and illegal at the very moment if & when Roe vs. Wade is overturned.

This is why it's important that we have a Representative for District 71 that understands these issues, and will fight for the rights of all women.

Improvement of Race Relations

Dr. Carthan is a cousin of Emmett Till, and she understands firsthand the effects of racism on innocent families. Her father, Dr. Eddie J. Carthan, who was elected the first black mayor of Tchula, Mississippi since Reconstruction, was subjected to harassment, and eventually imprisoned solely for his political beliefs.

The tragedies that affected her family is what led Dr. Carthan to join the fight for civil rights. She believes that it's time for us to support a flag that represents all Mississippians, so that we can all be proud of what our state stands for. 

She is encouraged by the progress that Mississippi has made, but there must be dialogue so that we can confront and finally abolish the ugly blight of racism. She doesn't believe that any race should be above another. Instead, she believes in justice for everyone, regardless of color, class or creed.

Job Creation

As Dr. Carthan sees it, job creation goes hand-in-hand with race relations. Before we can expect large companies and corporations to bring jobs to our state, we have to come to the realization that they don't want to do business in a state that embraces a racist flag. 

Dr. Carthan pledges to use every tool at her disposal to better the image of Mississippi, and she will work to attract new businesses and entrepreneurs to District 71. 

Support for Sexual Assault Survivors

Dr. Carthan wholeheartedly supports survivors of sexual assault, and she agrees that programs and healthy spaces should be created for survivors to be able to share their stories. Survivors of these terrible crimes should be able to have access to any help that they need to be able to deal with their trauma.

Dr. Carthan supports the establishment of healthcare programs for men and women that have been abused. She also supports the passing of harassment legislation that will help both women and men who are abused at their places of employment. Dr. Carthan has long been a proponent of victim rights for all survivors of domestic abuse.

Prison Reform

For too long, we have embraced what is clearly a flawed justice system. Dr. Carthan has long discussed with her fellow citizens how there are more dollars being pumped into prisons than are being allocated to schools. Prison has become a new form of slavery.

It's time for the system to change. Dr. Carthan wants to explore alternative programs to rehabilitate citizens. She also wants to examine alternative methods that will help to reduce costs; because it's taxpayers that are footing the bill for feeding, housing and securing inmates in the prison system. She seeks the reduction of prison time, and release, for non-violent offenders who are incarcerated for marijuana possession and minor drug offenses. She also believes that voting rights should be restored for former inmates that have served their time.

Dr. Carthan sees the need for special programs for Mississippians that suffer from mental illness. Locking them up behind bars where they are mistreated and further traumatized is not the answer. There should be training in place that will help police officers to identify a mentally unstable person, and there should be counseling programs that will help those who suffer from mental illness.

People Over Policies

Because of experiences that she has had in the fight for civil liberties and justice for all Mississippians, Dr. Carthan has come to the conclusion that we should focus more on people instead of policies. She supports common-sense training that will help public employees and federal workers to adapt to any situation. 

There are times when there is so much focus on established policies, that it leads to people being neglected and mistreated. Dr. Carthan has often said, "Segregation was policy too, but that didn't make it right." It's time that we push for common sense in spaces and areas where policy may fall short.